La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

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Updated: 11/18/2015

Av. de Santa Coloma, 47
17800 - Apartat de correus 298 La Garrotxa



Josep Riera - Xavier Puig

+34 972 26 60 12


Along with its geological and biological values, the harmonious landscape of the volcanic area was reason enough for the area to be declared a natural park. The mosaic of arable land, pastures, woodland and rural settlements, resulting from centuries of respectful farming and forestry practices, lends the landscape an ordered, balanced and calm appearance.

From a bird’s-eye view a mosaic of shades ranging from dark green to the palest and brightest of greens, and from the black and deep red of the volcanic earth to the bright red of the maple leaves in autumn, meets the eye.

The usual fog offer the spectacle of seeing the valley submerged in a sea of Olot silver.

One of the places most emblemàtic places is Fageda d’en Jordà.