Ermita en ruines

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Updated: 12/10/2020

Mas Faras s/n
17833 Fontcoberta



Ramon Alemany Güell

+34 617 893 706

Charming ruined hermitage. It is a 19th century chapel that was never finished. It is surrounded by forest on all sides, which makes it difficult to fully appreciate it from the outside. It has a single nave topped with a semi-circular apse on one of its sides, with the door centred on the opposite side. In length, the construction measures more than 14 meters (inside), more than 4’5 meters wide (inside), and has a height of about 7 meters. It is built with river stones, and its façade has grey limestone details (corners and door), it has a circular rose window above the door and also has three windows on each side of the nave, each topped with a carved semi-circular arch in a single piece of travertine. There is a window in the apse that is not finished. There is no power near the place. However, it is quite easy to access since a highway passes near the municipality (Fontcoberta) and by means of a paved road you can reach to about 175 meters from the hermitage (afterwards you have to follow a rural road). The interior can be cleaned of the current vegetation and stones.