Can Vernet Bridge

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Updated: 01/31/2024

Parc de Can Vernet: C/ d’Estapé, C/ d’Alfons d’Aragó, C/ de la Mina
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès



Marta de Castro

Ajuntament de Sant Cugat | Cultura, Coneixement i Promoció de la ciutat

(+34) 93. 675.99.51/ 627. 43. 79. 90 EXT. 2891/4190


The bridge is part of the Can Vernet aqueduct, a medieval construction (14th century), which was part of the layout of the water mine that, coming from the Can Volpelleres area, brought water to the Monastery; It gives its name to the same park where it is located, where the humidity of the river environment makes large trees grow around it. The medieval bridge is built with local stone from Campanyà and erected on three large arches.

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