Cal Pons, Jardins i Torres

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Updated: 05/03/2021

Colonia Cal Pons s/n 0
08692 Puig-Reig - Berguedà



Mercè Mateu

Agència de Desenvolupament del Berguedà

(+34) 938 247 700 ext.4 

(+34) 674 865 833 / (+34) 654 125 696

Cal Pons is one of the seven colonies in the municipality of Puig-reig, next to the town center. It has several areas of interest:

La Torre Vella: It is a two-storey building, attic and basement.

La Torre Nova: It is a building of 442 m2 that was inaugurated in 1897.

The convent: building attached to the church built in 1893. It is currently a youth hostel.

The grove: the grove or garden that we can find between the church and the towers of the owners is a special place that gives uniqueness to the whole colony.