Artesorio 147

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Updated: 01/16/2024

Carrer Solis
08301 Mataró - Maresme Film Commission



Sra. Nicoletta Battaglia

+ 34 692 539 789

Artesorio 147 is an old textile factory located in the Havana area of Mataró. (30 minutes from Barcelona)

It is a multipurpose space formed by different rooms suitable for carrying out different activities such as: audiovisual works (photography, advertising, filming ...), rehearsals and creations of performing arts, , specific training workshops, conferences, talks, seminars and private or corporate activities.

Artesorio147 is distributed over 2 floors and has a lift.

It is divided into: a room of 120 m2, a kitchen bar, a meeting room, a construction workshop, bathrooms and shower.

All spaces are adaptable according to the needs of each project.