Agrarian Park of Baix Llobregat

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Updated: 09/27/2019

08850 Gavà



Susana Lecha / Cecilia Catalán

Premsa i Comunicació

+34 932 639 115 / +34 932 639 113 /

Located in the lower valley of the Llobregat River and the Llobregat Delta, it is found in the Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park, one of the oldest and most fertile agricultural areas in Catalonia that supplies our markets with fruit and vegetable products.

The Agrarian Park was created in 1998 with the will to preserve this economic, ecological and landscape heritage. It has an area of 3,489.83 hectares distributed in fourteen municipalities, including Gavà.

The agricultural area of Gavà is characterized to be formed by small plots. The variety of crops, mostly irrigated, is important and contributes to increasing the diversity of spaces in the area.

Gavà is known for the cultivation of asparagus, a high quality product, much appreciated and requested by the best restaurants in the country. In addition, the sandy soils of Gavà are very suitable for the cultivation of vegetables such as radishes, carrots, grilled spring onions and leeks.