El caso Ángelus: la fascinación de Dalí

Where was it filmed?

Film Friendly Towns

Feature Film
Joan Frank Charansonne
Production Co.: 
Patchouli Films, Vivir Rodando
Montse Alcoverro, Joan Frank Charansonne, Miquel Sitjar, Ramòn Godino, Ricard Balada, Esther Nubiola, Enrique Del Pozo, Silvia Sabaté, Eduard Alejandre

While supervising the organization of a surprise anniversary party dedicated to one of his friends – a happening typical of the 60s with swans, dancers, and music by Rimsky Korsakov – Salvador Dalí receives a visit from a journalist from Madrid. This journalist wants to interview him about one of the most mysterious and intriguing episodes of his life: the sudden reappearance of a treatise that the painter had written more than 20 years ago that was lost during his flight caused by the Nazi invasion of France.
The film immerses the viewer in suggestive environments of seductive nature, prodigious architecture, luxury, and high society. The film recounts the fascination of the genius for a painting that hides a drama of terrifying dimensions. At the same time, the film reveals a Dalí who is a lover of literature, a restless and visionary investigator, an improvised author, and a discoverer of a milestone: The tragic myth of Millet's Angelus.