The audiovisual in Catalonia

The Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies

The Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies (ICEC) is the agency through which the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, with the participation of the relevant culture sectors, puts into practice the policies in support of cultural companies aimed at strengthening the industrial fabric of Catalonia in this field.

The ICEC provides comprehensive support to the Catalan audiovisual industry and its impact is found in every stage of the value chain: product conception, advice in seeking funding, fostering production, distribution and exhibition, marketing Catalan audiovisual products both nationally and internationally, support for the dissemination and promotion of film culture and the conservation of the film heritage through the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

The ICEC website shows the description of all the grants aimed at fostering the audiovisual industry. See for full text and rules and regulations governing calls for proposals.

Catalan Film Academy

The aim of the Catalan Film Academy is to be the single voice of the Catalan film industry, made up of all the creative and productive sectors in the profession, in artistic and scientific terms, similar to other film academies.

Producers' Associations

There are five main producers’ associations in Catalonia, created with the aim of representing and defending the different interests (professional, work-related, economic, social and cultural) of their members.

Four of these associations are grouped into a single federation PROA - Productors Audiovisuals Federats, which acts as sole spokesperson for Catalan production companies when negotiating with the televisions, administrations and other agents with the aim defending the different interests of the audiovisual industry at national and EU level. At the same time, it has created a space of information, work and exchange of experiences between production companies as they take part of the various associations.

  • PRO-FICCIÓ, dedicated to the production of audiovisual fiction.
  • PRO-DOCS, dedicated to documentary production.
  • PRO-TV, dedicated to television production.
  • PRO-Animats dedicated to animation.

The contact person for associations PRO-PRO-DOCS FICCIÓ is Mariona Claveria (

The person to contact for PRO-Animats and PRO-PRO-TV is Mar Sáez (

PROA - Productors Audiovisuals Federats
c/Provença, 281, 2n, 2ª 08037 Barcelona
+34 93 201 04 77

The fifth association is a generalist one, the association of Productors Audiovisuals de Catalunya (PAC), which is an association that works to defend the Catalan audiovisual sector and the associations, promoting the various forms of audiovisual (feature film, documentary , television, animation, video games, new formats, etc.) by the working committees established.

Productors Audiovisuals de Catalunya (PAC)
c/ Consell de Cent, 419, 4rt 1a 08009 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 93 511 83 83


Catalan Films & TV (CF & TV)

CATALAN FILMS & TV (CF&TV) was created as the driving force for the internationalization of Catalan audiovisual companies, establishing local, national and international links and promoting the presence of Catalan producers and companies in markets and festivals.

CF&TV seeks to promote the industry and its contents through showcasing initiatives aimed at increasing national and international presence, acknowledgement and demand for Catalan products and partners.

  • General objetives:
  • Diffusion and promotion of the Catalan audiovisual business
  • Support for increased distribution
  • Promotion of co-production

Catalan Films & TV (CF&TV)
c/Provença, 281, 2n, 2ª 08037 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 552 49 40


Catalan Audiovisual Cluster 

The Catalan Audiovisual Cluster is an association that brings together companies from across the entire spectrum of the audiovisual sector: production, distribution, post-production, visual effects, exhibition, multimedia content, technology, services, operators of radio and TV, telecommunications, photography, virtual reality, video games and advertising, among others.

 It aims to strengthen the audiovisual industry by building connections within the industry and making it grow. It works to provide its partner companies acces to 1) innovation and new trends in production and consumption, 2) new business models and business and financial management, 3) methods to increase internationalization, 4) connections with other economic and institutional sectors, and 5) attraction of new talent [See: Audiovisual University-Industry Pitching]

In this sense, the Cluster has a line of activities exclusive for members which promote networking between audiovisual companies and other sector companies, both nationally and internationally. It also has programs aimed at a more general audience, to promote discussion, reflection and exchange of ideas and projects with agents both from outside and in the audiovisual sector.

Catalan Audiovisual Cluster
Via Laietana, 32, 4th floor
+34 93 250 43 56


Media Programme (Media Antena Catalunya)

MEDIA is the audiovisual support programme of the European Union established in Catalonia in partnership with the ICEC. Through the various grants for professional training and development, and the distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works, MEDIA fosters the competitiveness of the European industry both within the European market and on the international stage, favours the circulation of its works and promotes linguistic and cultural diversity.

The mission of the MEDIA antenna in Catalonia is to inform about the possibilities offered by the programme and to provide assistance to trainers, producers, distributors, markets, festivals, exhibitors, etc. for the submission of their products for the various grants published every year in Brussels.

Similarly, MEDIA Antena Catalunya offers industry professionals advice on other international audiovisual support programmes, such as EURIMAGES in Europe and IBERMEDIA in Latin America, as well as the MEDIA Mundus programme, which supports European audiovisual initiatives in collaboration with other countries.

20% Tax rebate for international productions

Foreign film and TV productions can access a 20% tax rebate* on their eligible spend in mainland Spain if they meet the following requirements:

  • The production must not qualify as Spanish
  • There must be a minimum eligible spend of 1M€
  • The foreign production company must hire the services of a Spanish production company which will collect the rebate from the Spanish Tax Authorities

Eligible spend:

  • Creative staff (director, screenwriter, composer, DoP, main actors, film editor, production designer, sound mixer, costume designer and key make-up artist) with tax residence in Spain or in another state of the European Union, capped at maximum 100,000€ per person
  • Expenses derived from the use of technical industries and other service providers based in Spain:
    • Staff (other than the creative staff previously stated)
    • Extras and stunts
    • Set construction and props
    • Location rentals
    • Costumes, make-up and hair supplies
    • VFX + SFX materials
    • Camera + light, grip material
    • Post-production
    • Catering and hotels of staff directly related to the production
    • Transport within Spain
    • Civil liability insurance directly related to the production

The production can claim up to to 3 million euros in tax rebate, calculated as the 20% of the total eligible spend in Spain.

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*CATALUNYA FILM COMMISSION DISCLAIMER:  This text briefly summarizes the highlights of the Spanish Tax Rebate. It is strongly advised to take any accounting, legal or investment decisions upon further consultation with legal advisors and / or a local Spanish production company that can assess your production in deeper detail.