Neus Ballús Montserrat

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Neus Ballús (Mollet del Vallès, 1980) is a film director and scriptwriter. Her first feature-length film, La plaga (The Plague,2013) was screened at the 63rd Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival) and has won four Gaudí Awards 2013. She has also been nominatded for the 2013 LUX Prize and the European Film Awards besides receiving one nomination for the Goya Prize. Tracing the relationships among five local characters, the film portrays everyday life in Gallecs, in a rural zone of the Vallès Oriental region on the periphery of Barcelona. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s in Documentary Making from the Pompeu Fabra University, she has also made the shorts La Gabi (2004), L'avi de la càmera (Grandad with Camera, 2005) and the documentary Immersió (2009), the latter work being filmed underwater in a public swimming pool. This film was awarded the Best Short Film Prize at the ALCINE Festival.

Anysort ascending Gènere Canal d'emissió Categoria
2015 Amb títol Other categories Editor, Documentary film Director
2013 La Plaga Documentary film Editor, Documentary film Director, Screenwriter
2009 Immersió Short Film Editor, Documentary film Director, Screenwriter
2005 L'avi de la càmera Short Film Screenwriter