What do you need to take into account?

If, for filming reasons, it is necessary for an action vehicle without the environmental badge to enter the Low Emissions Area during restricted hours, a special permit can be requested following these instructions:

Step 1)

The applicant must process the corresponding street usage permit (the action vehicle must be indicated).

Step 2)

At least 5 working days in advance, the applicant must send the two documents indicated below by e-mail to Barcelona City Hall’s Environmental Quality Department (

1. Excel application document with the details (can be downloaded here):

Each vehicle which requires authorization should occupy one line. It is essential to have the registration number of each of them.

2. Filming permit processing receipt. This receipt can be obtained in two ways: if processed on the Procedures Portal, the summary document of the application made can be attached, and if processed through the BFC, an e-mail will be drafted which can be used as a receipt.

Once the information has been received, the Environmental Quality Department will communicate the application to the AMB which, once duly analyzed, will notify the applicant of the decision made.

NOTICE: Please take care with the e-mail address indicated on the relevant Excel, since the decision will be sent to the address indicated.

Step 3)

Once the corresponding street usage permit has been received, the applicant must send it to the Environmental Quality Department so that this organization can attach it to the corresponding file (

IMPORTANT: If any application is refused/cancelled, the applicant must advise Environmental Quality as soon as possible, in order to stop the procedure.

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