The second film by Oriol Paulo

The Invisible Guest stars Mario Casas, Bárbara Lennie, José Coronado, Ana Wagener, Francesc Orella and Paco Tous. Accused of a murder to which he pleads not guilty, successful businessman Adrián Doria (Mario Casas) hires the services of Virginia Goodman (Ana Wagener), the best witness trainer in the country. During one night, the two will work to find a clue that frees him from prison. The appearance of a new witness threatens to destroy the defense strategy, forcing them to redo, against the clock, the pieces of an impossible puzzle.

The film is the second directed by Oriol Paulo. They shot in 2015, premiered in 2017, and was a box office success even in Asia. In China, it was in the top ten. The movie is produced by Atresmedia Cine, Nostromo Pictures, Think Studio and Colose Producciones. In this article, we follow the footsteps of its protagonist in the city of Barcelona. You can see The Invisible Guest on Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO MAX. The locator was Margarita Huguet.

The film begins with the credit titles with aerial images of Barcelona. It's nightfall. We see the Agbar building and the surrounding streets and a taxi arriving at the door of a building. We see a woman getting out of the car and entering the building. She is Virginia Goodman, an expert in preparing witnesses for trials. She comes to help Adrián Doria. In their conversations, we discover that his lover, Laura Vidal (Bárbara Lennie), has been murdered, and he is accused of the crime. Goodman takes the elevator and enters the protagonist's flat. They shoot the scenes at the Cotton House Hotel (Gran Vía de las Cortes Catalanas, 670).



Adrián explains what happened to the lawyer. He was at the Hotel Bellavista with Laura, where they had to meet someone. A person who blackmails them. This place represents a town near Barbastro (Aragón) called Bierge, but they are in the Nuria Valley. There, she is murdered, and he is accused of the crime. When his wife finds out about it, she leaves him. We see him at the police station in a visiting room and on his cell. They shot these scenes in a building at 274 Espronceda Street, where the production recreated a police station.



Later, we also see an aerial view of Barcelona, where we can see the Montjuic Castle, the port in the background, Las Arenas and Plaza España. Adrián goes to the police station to report that someone stole his car. As we said before, they shot these scenes on Espronceda street. Then, we see another aerial view of Gran Vía and Adrián's flat. Later, he is in his office, which has views of the Agbar tower. He is a successful businessman. His office is in the Mediapro building (Avda. Diagonal, 177). At night, Adrián is having dinner at home with his wife and sees on the news that a young man has disappeared. This house is on Vista Bella street.

Adrián continues preparing his testimony with Virginia Goodman, and we are getting to know the details of it. His lawyer, Fèlix (Francesc Orella), travels to Bilbao in search of a clue, and we see its airport. Then, Adrián explains when he was summoned to the police station to testify because his car reported participating in an accident and the possible disappearance of the young man he saw on the news. Tomàs and Elvira, the young man's parents, observe the interrogation from a window at the police station and then also speak with the inspector.



Again, we see Adrián in his office. We see a general shot of the Mediapro building converted into Global Tech Media, the main character's company. Later, we see Adrián and Fèlix declaring to the police. And a bit later, the two smoke on the terrace of Adrián's office with views of Poble Nou and the sea.



Adrián calls Laura from a phone booth at the port. He is dining with his wife on the restaurant's terrace, the One Ocean Club (Moll Barceloneta, 1). We can see the funicular tower in the background and an aerial view of the port. Later, we see another aerial view of the city with the Sagrada Familia in the background and Laura at her house. This house was the same as Adrián's family home on Vista Bella Street.



Adrián is in his office. We see Barcelona at night with the Agbar tower illuminated. Adrián gets the annual Entrepreneur of the Year award at a party held at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion (Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 7). He meets the missing boy's father there, Tomás (José Coronado). Later, we see Tomás spying on Adrián from a car in the port. Adrián receives a package in his office while he smokes on the terrace. He and Laura have to meet the person who is blackmailing them at the Bierge hotel and take the rack railway that is Nuria's Valley.

We see how Fèlix visits Virginia Goodman at her offices to hire her. They are in the building and go down some stairs with a stained-glass window until they say goodbye at the door. They are in the Faculty of Nautical Sciences (Pla de Palau, 18). In the street, Tomás is spying and takes a picture of them. These are the film locations in our city. We do not explain much more. We don't want to make spoilers if you have not seen it yet.



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