'Creatura' films in Barcelona


Second film as director of Elena Martín

The actress, director, and screenwriter Elena Martín is shooting her second film as director after Júlia Ist. The filming will take place at different locations in Sant Vicenç de Montalt, L'Escala, Blanes, Barcelona, and Sitges until the last week of September.

The film stars the director Elena Martín herself, along with Clàudia Dalmau and Mila Borràs, all of them in the role of Mila (the protagonist), at 35, 15, and 5 years old, respectively. The cast is completed by Oriol Pla, Alex Brendemühl, Clara Segura, Marc Cartanyà, Carla Linares and Teresa Vallicrosa.

The script for the film, shot in Catalan, is written by Martín and the screenwriter and director Clara Roquet. Creatura is produced by Vilaüt Films, Avalon P.C., Elastica Films, and Lastor Media, in co-production with TV3, with the participation of Filmin and the support of ICAA, ICEC, and Creative Media Europe.


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