The Turrets of Calella

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Updated: 02/11/2019

Turó de les Torretes [41° 36′ 28″ N, 2° 38′ 31″ E]
08370 Calella



Ferran Muñoz

Responsable de Calella Film Office

93 766 30 30 ext. 404

The Turrets are a cultural good of local interest in Calella. They were build by the transmission service as optical telegraphs. It is composed of two turrets: the first one was build in 1848 and used for military means, whereas the other one was build in 1857 and had a civil use. Located in the south of the town centre and close to Calella Lighthouse, the Turrets can be seen from the beach and the hill where they are located provides a vantage point and a natural environment worth visiting.