Torre de les Hores

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Updated: 11/30/2021

Carrer de la Torre
17256 Pals



Rosa Maria Pedret Morales 

+ 34 972 637 380

The Torre de las Horas (11th - 15th centuries) is one of the best preserved Romanesque towers in Catalonia. It was the Torre del Homage of the old Castle of Pals, demolished in the 15th century. It is the emblem of the town. It was preserved as a lookout place for the territory. It has a height of 15 meters and its diameter is 7.5 meters. Its interior is divided into three floors, a lower floor, a first floor where the old clock is located and an open terrace from where you can enjoy a formidable 360º view of the Empordà landscape. The Tower is crowned by a small bell tower (15th century) that since then touches quarter and hour, forming an essential part of the visual and sound landscape of the municipality.