Panyos Factory

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Updated: 07/11/2024

08241 Manresa



Aleix Farrés

Manresa Film Commission

+34 93 878 24 26 / +34 653 877 490 / +34 683 312 688


Located on the west bank of the River Cardener, in the neighborhood of Valldaura, in the north-south direction. The surroundings of the old factory have been recently built as a result of the construction of a new residential area.

Typology / Elements

The "Panyos" factory is a building under the model of a large house, with a double sloping roof and a limited width, since iron was not yet used to make columns and slabs. The dimensions of the factory are as follows: 110 m long and 10 m wide. The building is five floors, and the ships are divided by columns of coarse work. The ground floor (on the corner of the river and basement from Carrer de Francesc Moragues) is reinforced by a system of double arches, which are supported on wide columns. Externally the factory has a succession of rectangular windows (originally 386), arranged symmetrically, which give a great brightness  inside.

Other information

Parking space available