Monastery El Convent

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Updated: 05/11/2015

Pg. Carles Faust, 4
17300 Blanes



Ms. Irene-Sonia Biosca Jug
+34 972 35 73 45
+34 617 128 012

The Monastery El Convent in Blanes was built in 1583, and since then, this historical building has been preserved as part of the cultural heritage due to its landscape interest. El Convent is located within an environment perfectly joined to the Punta de Santa Anna, which indicates the point where the Costa Brava begins. Being near Barcelona (at 70 km), El Convent is open to the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the smell of the aromatic plants, and the centuries old pines in its gardens, it counts on with a spectacular view of the coast. The El Convent gardens have 5.000 m² by the sea. Our venue for celebrations (that was the site where the old rooms of the Capuchin monks were) has ancient walls of stone, a roof at eight meters high and it's all completely restored. It has 200 m² like surface. El Convent, its historical architecture, its ancient ruins, its history, its gardens, and all together exceptionally overlooking the sea, have been chosen as the stage filming by International Production Companies to shoot some scenes of famous films, such as: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, it was directed by Tom Tykwer. In September, 2006, the premiere took place in Germany, and it was filmed in 2004 in Barcelona, Girona, and partially in El Convent in Blanes. The Cheetah Girls 2: Kenny Ortega, director and choreographer, chose El Convent to shoot the final scenes of this film. Precisely, the scene where the marriage is held in Barcelona, in fact was shot in El Convent. This film was shot for Disney Channel, and was produced by Whitney Houston.