Masia Els Carç

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Updated: 07/22/2019

Sant Pere de Ribes
08810 Sant Pere de Ribes



Marta Prat Rabasa

+34 669 453 509

The farm called "Els Carç" is a rustic farm surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and nature with an area of about 873,000 m2.
It is located in the town of St. Pere de Ribes, Garraf and province of Barcelona.
Considered traditional Catalan style of the fifteenth century, although it appears mentioned already in the S.XIII linked to the Castle of Ribes and with a tower dating from the s. XV.
Architectural group formed by various buildings with a surface of 5665 m2.
The main body is formed by an aritocratic dwelling, formerly known as "Ca l'Almiral" and by a defence tower crowned by "merlets", with two bridges that join them and a small church.
There are also simpler constructions for the "masovers", wineries, stables and other buildings for the realization of wine and oil.
The farmhouse is surrounded by various gardens with several wells and a pool in the main garden of olive trees.