Mas Vilageliu

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Updated: 07/28/2023

08551 Tona - Osona



Miquel Rierola
+34 606 309 962

Large house with a four-sided roof, square plan. A second construction phase is distinguished in the highest part of the building that you use the wall when an accident has occurred. On the main facade there is a vaulted portal dated 1741, also three balconies with worked stone and an exit with three recessed arched openings. On the other facades there are also large openings with worked stone, without preserving the harmony and also later additions such as the gallery on the left facade. In front of the house there is an era and some paintings and at the back a farmhouse of the same house called "Cal Masover".

Typology/Notable elements:
Next to Mas Vilageliu and a small hermitage. It is a construction with characteristic Romanesque elements. Its building is rectangular in plan topped with a bell tower. It seems that the head and nave were built around the year 1080 and were reformed or modified in the 12th century, opening new windows to the south and north. The apse, also of great purity of Romanesque lines, is decorated by Lombard arches. At the base of the altar a Roman milliard was discovered.

It has a private pool.

Conservation state:
In very good state of conservation.

Access/parking and logistical aspects:
Large parking space