Marimurtra botanical garden

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Updated: 12/07/2022

Passeig de Carles Faust, 9
17300 Blanes



Sílvia Puigblanqué
Fundació Carl Faust

+34 972 33 08 26


The Marimurtra Botanical Garden, the botanical garden of the Costa Brava, is a privileged place where you can enjoy its rich botanical, architectural, landscaping and human heritage. A paradise of the plant kingdom that, thanks to its geographical context, is closely related to the Mediterranean Sea.

Tired of travelling so many kilometres scouting the best locations? 

The more than 4,000 species that coexist in this beautiful spot on the Costa Brava allow us to travel to different destinations around the globe without leaving Marimurtra.

- The musical forest of  bamboos
- The tropical rainforest… The pergola
- The Asian pagoda
- Arid extensions of cacti: North America and Mexico
- Australian hidden corners
- Historical architecture: Linnaeus Pavilion, the Watchmen’s Tower, the Pergola…

Cinematographic features: Marimutra Botanical Garden boasts ample experience as a location to shoot advertisements, fashion and product catalogues. We have amazing landscaping, botanical and historical areas at your disposal. Our facilities include halls/dressing rooms, separate areas and the possibility to shoot in an exclusive space.