MónNatura Pirineus

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Updated: 02/14/2024

Son, Alt Àneu Pallars Sobirà
25589 Son



Eloi Morte Castelló

Marketing & Sales Chief Officer


M. +34 650 574 360

MónNatura Pirineus, inaugurated in 2002, is located in the beautiful countryside of the Valls d’Àneu, Pallars Sobirà, located a few km from the Son village. This village of the Pyrenees, 1.393m high and with 25 residents, is defined by the Romanic church of Sant Just and Sant Pastor, example of the traditional architecture of the mountain villages.

MónNatura Pirineus offers facilities unique to the Pyrenees which enable the visitor to experience life high in the mountains and to discover its attractions, with emphasis always on the culture of sustainability and providing identification and respect for the different elements that make up the landscape.

It’s also a bioclimatic building of 3,000 m2, which uses renewable energy. Has a full-equipped laboratory, a planetarium, an auditorium with capacity of 165 seats, a library and a media library specializing in environmental topics and an i.t. room.

In order to take a closer look at the cosmos, MónNatura Pirineus has an astronomical observatory. The lack of light and atmospheric pollution means that the observations offered are incomparably spectacular.

The environment of MónNatura Pirineus offers a wide range of landscapes, colors, and lights so variable throughout the year and depending on the season. This allows us to discover the same landscapes with different shades. We can go for a walk and enter in the forests of black pine or shady woods, listen to the chirping of the black woodpecker, or watch dozens of butterflies fly by in the meadows of the area.