MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre

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Updated: 05/13/2024

Carretera del Poblenou a les Salines, s/n. Polígon 78, parcel·la 7
43870 Amposta



Eloi Morte Castelló       

+34 650 574 360


MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre, in Motsià, Amposta, allows us to discover a natural environment of enormous wealth in one of the largest wetlands in Western Europe. Land and water come together on this spit to create an environment that is home to a unique variety of wildlife, particularly the internationally famous water birds.

One of the areas on the MónNatura Delta is the salt flats. The saltworks are artificial pools (built by human beings) where the seawater evaporates because of the effect of the sun and the wind. The aim is to produce common salt.

Very near Espai Delta is an amenity that boasts one of the best viewpoints in the area for enjoying a superb environment and discovering the birds and the surroundings of the centre (Tancada lagoon and the old Sant Antoni saltworks).

Also we can found the jetty area, which opens up a space for learning about and practising fishing activities. Here you have a display of different kinds of tackle for traditional fishing in the Ebro Delta, the so-called arts of fishing, such as nets and trammels for catching fish, eels and shrimp. In this zone you can enjoy another typical activity of the Delta, punting. A fleet of punts (typical boats of the Delta) is standing by.