L'Anònima - Segre's Power Station

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Updated: 05/06/2019

Carrer Llussà, 9-15
08241 Manresa



Aleix Farrés

Manresa Film Commission

+34 93 878 24 26 / +34 653 877 490 / +34 683 312 688


The hydroelectric power station, also known as Anònima’s Building is an industrial construction from the 19th century (1893-1894).

The complex consists of different buildings located in Remei’s neighbourhood, near one of the most important streets of Manresa (Vic’s Road). The most iconic part of the complex is the façade which can be seen from the street and the chimney. The architectural complex presents a homogeneous and solid image.


Industrial building assimilated into the urban landscape. The building was also used as a textile factory. The complex has a mixture of different architectonic styles.

The most outstanding part of the complex is the façade wall that divides and gives access to the Llussà street (square blueprint).

Façade: Ignasi Oms i Ponsa (architect)

Conservation status

Exterior: Good

Inside: Good

Façades: Fine

Apertures: Well preserved


The location has a parking lot

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