La Sèquia

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Updated: 03/21/2019

Masia de Can Font. Ctra. de Santpedor, 175



Aleix Farrés

Manresa Film Commission

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From the river Llobregat emanates the Sequia, a medieval civil engineering work (14th century: 1339 to 1377) of 26.7 kilometers that carries water to Manresa through villages such as Balsareny, Sant Fruitós or Santpedor. Its water serves to irrigate the orchards, provide the local industries and a population of more than 80 thousand residents.

The route has a vertical drop of 10m and a flow of 1 m³ / s and has 34 stone bridges and 70 bridges.

At the beginning of its route, the ditch runs underground, in a riverbank forest, until it comes out into the open air. Along its route, it has spillways in case it gets too full. The ditch ends its journey in the reserve pond of the Agulla, which came into operation in 1974, and has a capacity of 200 million liters.

In addition to the gardeners or walkers who have always traveled the ditch is currently a very popular location among athletes.


Architect: Guillem de Catà


State of conservation: Right