La Font square and Paraireria street

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Updated: 02/26/2016

Plaça de la Font i Carrer Paraireria
17820 Banyoles



Albert Cicres i Bosch

Medi ambient - Ajuntament de Banyoles

+34 972 57 00 50

Paraireria street is the shorter and narrower street of the city. It was documented for the first time in 1301 and its buildings are medieval. The houses are built with stones from Banyoles. In its origins it was the place where used to live the wool, one of the oldest guilds of the city, which was dedicated to prepare the wool that was about to be knitted.

La Font Square is medieval style square, which name cames from a fountain ('Font', in catalan) build in 18th century to carry the water outside the walls.