'La Carpa d'Or' Fishing Shack

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Updated: 03/11/2016

Pesquera 19A
17820 Banyoles



Albert Cicres i Bosch

Medi ambient - Ajuntament de Banyoles

+34 972 57 00 50


One of the singularities of Banyoles are their pesqueres, 20 little buildings around the Banyoles Lake originally used as a fishing shacks, although some of them have capacity for one or two boats and can be even used as little residences. Nowadays, they are all private and only the exteriors can be used for shoots. 

La Carpa d'Or It is a fishing house in neooriental style, with medieval architectural elements. The main door and the windows have a horseshoe star-shaped .The battlements cover give a tower appearance. The wedge open it’s slighly curved with a worked railing, and there is a new wedge L-shaped.

1.980 Jaume Casellas, master builder –27 m2