Iron Museum "Casa Sintet"

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Updated: 01/08/2018

Casa Sintet, s/n
25574 Alins



Ms. Jorgina Casimiro
(+34) 973 624 364
(+34) 658 491 312

In 1800 our ancestors built a Fragua in Sta. Maria de la Torre, just 2.5 km from Alins, economic engine of the town.
Now, 200 years later, the legacy of the last Farga de la Vall Ferrera is shown to the public as a permanent exhibition in our country, with more than 350 pieces of iron: different elements and pieces that were essential for the same operation forge, iron ingots were transported rays to sell in Catalonia, forgings, farming tools, animal ornaments, a large collection of keys (keys), photos and old documents and so on. All this material is exposed within a typical high end eificio culd like Vallferrera, of which there is almost none. the building only as a museum, seeing inside embigado and different roof lavas.