Industrial Building

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Updated: 05/19/2023

C/ Tortosa
08918 Badalona



Laura Aler

+34 687 495 547 

Industrial building (over 1000 square meters), divided into different spaces that can be highly suitable for filming, photography, and advertising works.

The building has 3 empty spaces of 150 square meters each.

There is a terrace of 150m2 that offers impressive panoramic 360º views, including partial views of the port of Badalona and the 3 chimneys of Sant Adrià.

There is also an annex building of two floors, with 200 square meters per floor, offering ceilings of more than 3 meters height, which creates a spaciousness and luminosity feeling.

The location of the building, just 10 minutes from Barcelona and near the port of Badalona, is a great advantage for any company that needs easy access to the city and/or the port. The area is not very busy and easily accessible for vehicles, which facilitates the access of big teams/equipment.

This building offers lots of space, a terrace with impressive panoramic views, and a very convenient location.