House Museum "Can Rudrigues"

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Updated: 01/21/2019

C/ Consellers, 22
17240 Llagostera



Sònia Rodríguez Astor

+34 659 040 703

OLD  RODRIGUEZ WATCHMAKER'S SHOP The property was built in 1872 and early twentieth century was leased to the City of Llagostera to install several schools. Thus, most of the house keeps the structure and size of schools at that time. The year 1949 was divided between the two heirs, and is now available for productions 1st floor, the more spacious. The house has three bedrooms that had been classrooms (one of them soon become a large space because of its size), a toilet, a dining room, a lounge, a kitchen, a hall piano, an office-library, a basement and a patio. The house is accessed by the former owners of the jewelry, which has now reopened with articles of the time keeping the original structure and details. The property has been closed for 35 years and, therefore, has been perfectly preserved: the furniture, the role of the walls and hydraulic floors are some of the notable parts of the house. The space has been used for, among some photo sessions and conference. Similarly, there are documents and objects perfectly preserved and useful for any production or session decide to take it.