The Gothic precint of Pals

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Updated: 11/30/2021

Pl. Major, C. Major, Pl Església, C. Torre de les Hores, El Pedró,...
17256 Pals



Rosa Maria Pedret Morales 

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The Gothic enclosure of Pals welcomes you in the distance just at the moment when you can see in the Horizon the silhouette of its wall hugging the town, from where the Church and the Torre de les Horas stand out. The cobbled streets and alleys of Pals will transport you to Medieval times, especially when crossing the Portal de la Villa (1744) in the Plaza Mayor. We will find the Visigothic Tombs (6th - 8th century), the Church (9th - 18th century), the Tower of the Hours (11th - 15th century) and the Wall (12th century). At the “el Pedró” viewpoint, you can see the great Empordà plain, framed by the Pyrenees, the Gavarres and Montgrí mountains, the sea and the Medes Islands.