Gavà's Museum

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Updated: 09/20/2019

Plaça de Dolors Clua, 13-14
08850 Gavà



Sra. Susana Lecha / Sra.Cecilia Catalan

Premsa i Comunicació

+34 932 639 115 / +34 932 639 113 /

The Gavà Museum is located in the well-known Torre Lluc, an old manor house that mixes the elements of neoclassical inspiration with the typical structure of the farmhouse.

The facades are symmetrical, currently resolved with sgraffito, and surrounded on three sides by porched galleries formed by a series of semicircular arcades.

In this building, baroque elements survive, such as the vases that crown the ends of the railings. Since the 19th century, the house is surrounded by a garden, converted into an urban park in 1975.