Gavà Beach

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Updated: 09/20/2019

08850 Gavà



Susana Lecha / Cecilia Catalán
Premsa i Comunicació
+34 932 639 115 / +34 932 639 113 /

Gavà offers about 4 kilometers of beaches. These have all the services and equipments and a wide and diverse leisure offer.

Beaches of great natural value, in which a set of unique coastal habitats of the dune systems stands out, such as the vegetation of the mobile dunes, the pine forests and the interdune wet habitats. In addition to aquatic and riverside environments such as the Murtra pond and the Canyars stream.

Some beaches that we can travel through a promenade that has been recognized with prestigious architectural awards and that has in the sculpture of the Sail by Antoni Roselló an identifying element of the Gavà coast.