El bosc de ribera i el riu Segre

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Updated: 07/20/2023

25182 Aitona



Bea Obis
+34 649 948 657

The riverside forest grows on both sides of the fluvial course of the Segre river, in some of the sections we find that it is soaked with river water and we can find natural spaces of poplars
for much of the journey.
The vegetation adapts to the flow of the river and we find different herbs and aquatic plants, rushes, reeds, etc.
The poplars make up corners where you can breathe peace and tranquility and where some animal species, such as storks, take the opportunity to drink and eat during the mornings when the water floods the places.
It also has a picnic area to enjoy a picnic respecting the environment under a natural shade of the trees that surround it.