Design house in stone

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Updated: 03/10/2021

17535 Planoles



Mireia Torres

(+34) 617 786 961

Spectacular house of modern architecture and design, located in Planoles (Ripollès province, between Ribes de Freser and La Molina), on a hillside with a forest of oaks and holm oaks as a backdrop.

The house presents a renovating concept of architecture in the countryside. Stone is not a mere facade material, but it penetrates the interior creating the different spaces.

Structured on 2 levels that are connected by an internal staircase, on the first floor are the kitchen / office, the living room, the living room, a bathroom and 3 bedrooms. On the ground floor we find the parking, duplex-style master suite and a library study.

The distribution favors, at the same time, the social life, the seclusion in the private areas and the expansion through the windows towards the garden. The views are transformed according to the seasons of the year: in summer it becomes lush and cool, while in winter it allows grazing light to enter the back of the living room.

A house with very good orientation and unique views over the landscape, which makes the environment one of the best qualities.

In short, an elegant architecture that blends with nature, creating an atmosphere of friendly and serene air.