Crash Escola Audiovisual

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Updated: 07/11/2024

Ctra. de Vic, 6 - 8
08241 Manresa



Aleix Farrés

+34 93 878 24 26 / +34 653 877 490 / +34 683 312 688


CRASH is a complex of studios designed to be able to carry out an audiovisual production without leaving the building. It includes 15 rooms for sound, photo, video, radio, TV and cinema, equipped with the highest-end equipment with the purpose of capturing the artistic and technical essence of a project.

Its professional acoustics allow you to have an exact reference of what is playing. The more than 350 tones of acoustic materials placed only in the Music Production Studio allow the musician to obtain the required sound and the technicians to monitor only the signal that is in the cables.

Its construction and design, both at the acoustic level and the monitoring system, has been carried out by Phillip Newell (Queen, Elton John, Mike Oldfield -he was the sound engineer in Tubular Bells-, etc.), considered a reference in acoustics of studies worldwide (He has designed more than 200 studies in more than 30 countries).