Cornudella de Montsant - Celler Cooperatiu

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Updated: 06/22/2015

C/ Comte de Rius, 2
43360 Cornudella de Montsant



Celler Cooperatiu de Cornduella de Monstant

+34 977 82 13 29

Modernist building of the architect Cèsar Martinell, disciple of the master Gaudí, which has been classified as a Industrial Monument of Catalonia. Nowadays, has became one of the few buildings of its kind, which still uses much of the original facilities to make wine.

In the main floor there's our shop, which opens everyday. You will find a huge range of products.

The installations of the winery can be visited during the weekend, in which offer to the guest a walk through the past and the present of a building full of history, effort, work and experiences of a unique wine land.