Castle of Enfesta

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Updated: 11/24/2021

Castell d'Enfesta s/n - 08281 La Molsosa (Enfesta) - Barcelona
08281 La Molsosa



Naila Ben-Aicha Gonzalez

+34 656 818 897

The Castle of Enfesta is a castle located in La Molsosa, in the heart of Catalonia-Spain. The first documents of the castle date back to 1081, although it has undergone several modifications and it contains Gothic-style structures (14th-15th centuries).
The inside of the castle harbours the old church of Santa María d’Enfesta, the noble spaces of the castle, the stone-made oven room, the ancient prison, ...
It was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest on 5th May of 1949. After an intense structural restoration, it is currently open to the public for guided tours, events, and film.
The castle is found on top of a prominent hill located on the southeast side of the Enfesta. The privileged views and the marvellous interior spaces of the Castle of Enfesta make of it the idyllic place for filming that will leave everyone astounded.