Castell de Sant Ferran

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Updated: 03/20/2023

Carrer Pujada del Castell s/n
17600 Figueres



The San Fernando fortress in Figueres is thought to be Europe’s largest bastioned fortress and it is of particular cultural interest. The 18th century fortress, designed by the military engineer Martín Cermeño, covers an area of 550,000 m2 of which more than 50,000m2 are roofed and has 15m thick walls surrounded by a moat 3km long. The interior of the fortress contains adaptable rooms and prisons that can be furnished to simulate periods from Roman times right to modern times. 

Given that a lot of feature films have been recorded in the Fortress (such as The Perfume, Lysistrata, A letter to Evita, The Stolen Children, Tirant lo Blanc, etc. etc) as well as numerous documentaries set in Napoleonic  times shows that the Fortress has great potential and provides multiple opportunities.