Casa Caritat

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Updated: 04/30/2019

Carrer de la Verge de l'Alba, 5
08241 Manresa



Aleix Farrés

Manresa Film Commission

+34 93 878 24 26 / +34 653 877 490 / +34 683 312 688

Neoclassicist style building, s .XIX (1857-59), located to the north-east of the old town, in the Barrio del Rermei, in front of Plaza Cots. In the middle of the square, this remarkable piece of equipment stands as a piece that surrounds much of the neighborhood.


Isolated building, surrounded by a garden and located in the center of the city, in the area of ??the eighteenth century. It has a monumental character, of considerable proportions and classic style. The structural system of the building is based on load and wrought walls. The ceiling is made of ceramic revolt and laminated steel joists. The loading walls are made with stone blocks of 50 cm. Thick The main façade has a central body a little higher than the rest and a tower at each end of the facade. The decoration is neoclassical. In the main body there is a half-pointed portal, flanked by back-to-back columns with the Ionian capital; the body ends a triangular pediment. The belfry is steep. The rest of the facade is also a very classic and regular line.

The rehabilitation of the 1990s has led to a radical change in the rear façade, which in some sections has changed by a glass wall.


Antoni Rovira i Trias, architect

Conservation state

Outside: Fine

Facades: Well preserved

Covers: Well preserved

Openings: Well preserved

Gardens / surroundings: Well preserved

Inside: Fine. Interior transformed and modified