Can Mariner

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Updated: 05/27/2021

C/Milà i Fontanals, 14
08922 Santa Coloma de Gramenet



Sebastià Cuenca

(+34) 934 624 000

Can Mariner is a country house built during the 18th century, and later enlarged with several wings. It is currently used as a civic center. The main building has a ground floor and a first floor, and a two-sided roof with tile eaves. On the façade, the linteled doorway and the windows are arranged asymmetrically. The tower, with a ground floor and two upper floors, and the rest of the adjacent constructions, which were built later, give this building a unique appearance. At the beginning of the 19th century, it belonged to Francesc Salvatella, also known as “Mariner”. Absorbed by the urban fabric, Can Mariner was restored in 1985 by the architect Xavier Valls, and there was a square built around it, closed with a daring concrete structure.