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Updated: 07/25/2023

Vilanova de Sau
08519 Vilanova de Sau



Imma Tió Parés

+34 636 243 667 

House built in the 70s with views of the Sau marsh and the bare rock cliffs that surround the Sau marsh.

It is a building made up of the ground floor and first floor. The ground floor is occupied by the car park, and the house on the ground floor is accessed by an external staircase.

The ground floor is made of natural stone in different colors, and the floor is painted white and surrounded by a terrace with a wooden railing.

The total area is 92 m2.

Typology/Notable elements:

•    The architectural style of the unique and very modern construction.
•    The views from the dining room.
•    The round point-stained glass window in the dining room.
•    The central fireplace in the dining room.
•    The garden and outdoor space.

Conservation state:
The house is in perfect condition.