Calella Josep Maria Codina i Bagué Municipal Archive Museum

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Updated: 02/08/2023

C/ Escoles Pies, 36
08370 Calella



Ferran Muñoz

Responsable de Calella Film Office

93 766 30 30 ext. 404

It is a multidisciplinary local museum that investigates, preserves and explains the different aspects of the town patrimony. It is located in a large manor house from the 17th Century, connected to the archive, situated in a new building on Bartrina street.  The total area of the museum facilities is 1.145m2. The permanent exhibition is about the history of Calella and the “comarca” of Maresme and exhibits a great variety patrimonial objects (minerals, fossil, textile equipment, documents, clothes…). It is particularly interesting the Gallard art gallery, the Barri pharmacy and the documentary collection preserved in the Historic Archive.