Calamot Park

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Updated: 10/03/2019

Amb accés des de la C-245 i des de l’av. de Joan Carles I
08850 Gavà



Susana Lecha / Cecilia Catalán
Premsa i Comunicació
+34 932 639 115 / +34 932 639 113 /

The Calamot Park occupies a space of 6 hectares of a place known since ancient times as the Rock. A small elevation of land with a landscape dominated by the red of the rocks and the dark green of the pines and the carob trees.

The pine tree crowns the highest part of the park, the closest to the viewpoint where we can see the Llobregat Delta and the Agrarian Park. The carob tree of the old Can Ribes crop, farmhouse located just behind, retains the original distribution in rows.

We also find almond and cypress trees as well as masses of shrubs and aromatic and grassy plants.

The Park includes a large esplanade for various activities, a skate park, a space for street workout, outdoor sports courts and playgrounds.