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Updated: 07/27/2015

08259 Fonollosa



Eulàlia Catelló Armora

+34 697781332

Bastardes is an architectural walled ensemble formed by 4 houses joined together with 3 bridges. There isn't any new building at the immediate surroundings. 
The first known date is the year 1703, but there are also parts of the Gothic and Renaissance periods.
It is situated in the middle of the forests and fields and it is near Manresa. 

The great house has got 4 floors and one tower, each floor has got 270m². At the basement there is the wine cellar and there are the stables downstairs.
At the first floor there is the home: 
-one living-room of 90 m² with a handbasin, 
-the bedrooms have got alcove beds (alcobas), 
- the windows have got festejadors, a piece of stone placed to the windows of which use is sitting on it. 
-the kitchen has got an original fireplace.
At the second floor there is the attic.