Apel·les Fenosa Foundation

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Updated: 08/03/2023

Carrer Major, 25
43700 El Vendrell


The museum, inaugurated on 12 July 2002, is housed in a 16th century Renaissance-style building.  The cultural complex is made up of the section that corresponded to the old wall, the tower of the Corraló de Cal Cintet, the Renaissance palace with three floors and the interior garden.

The building is listed as an asset of national interest. It is in the shape of an L, with its two exterior façades facing the main streets of the town, Calle Mayor and Carrer del Portal, as well as its view from inside the garden, where the volume of the tower can be seen.

The Museum was the summer home and workshop of Apel-les Fenosa, who acquired it in 1957. The collections include a selection of the original terracotta and bronze sculptures, as well as explanations of their casting process. There is also a garden with large sculptures, some of the artist's most outstanding works.