4D Health - simulation hospital

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Updated: 02/06/2024

Passeig Verdaguer, 130
08700 Igualada



4D Health  


(+34) 93 131 63 60

4D Health is a simulation hospital with a large variety of clinical spaces including non-clinical structures such as corridors, waiting rooms and lifts. There is a large space for pre-hospital care. The simulation hospital used to be the old hospital of Igualada.

It consists of 3000 square meters across three floors with the following spaces:

- Clinical areas: Hospital pharmacy, Emergency department, Outpatients, Apartment, Primary care Center, Operating Room, Recovery area, Preanaesthesia, Surgical Scrubbing Area, Medical and Surgical inpatients area (double and single rooms).

- Other spaces: Auditorium, Hall, Audiovisual production room, Meeting rooms, Classrooms, Dressing rooms and Parking.

In 4D Health we can see and listen everything there is happening through our control room with and AV system.

The advantage of shooting in the centre is the availability of the installations, because there isn't working activity. 

View our installations: