Propose a location

Any kind of property/space may be susceptible of being a shooting location: modern houses, old ones, abandoned, buildings, stores, wineries, farms, stables, lifts, …

How have to be the pictures of my location?

  • The locations submitted have to upload at least 4 pictures.
  • The pictures have to be taken with a digital camera.
  • In order to evaluate the possibilities of your property, the location scouters need a general view of the location, a wide vision. Take your pictures where all the space can be appreciated, and from multiple angles.
  • For taking pictures of the different rooms that you want to show, take them from the corner with daylight and with the lights on, so there will be a good illumination. Better without flash.
  • There is no need of take pictures of every room, just the ones that have something special and make the location unique.
  • Do not include photographs of details (decoration, flowers, doors ...) and be sure that the spaces are empty, without people.
  • The photos must have a minimum of quality:
    • Image width from 1024 píxels
    • JPG compression rate from  7 (70%)
    • Max. file size: 2 GB

Updating data

  • To make this directory a useful and effective tool, every 6 months we will contact you to verify the data and that the location is still active. We will write you through the email address that you leave us in the contact details. All you have to do is answer the email and confirm that everything is right or report the changes.
  • The first call that you don’t answer: the location will be hidden in the Directory.
  • The second unanswered call, we will unsubscribe the location.

Things to keep in mind when someone contacts you

  • How many days and how many hours the production will be occupying the space.
  • Find out what scenes will be filmed, ask them to fully describe them.
  • Will there be a group that will go first to prepare the space? When?
  • What is the total number of people that will be involved in the production?
  • Will they need space to be used as a dressing room or to store equipment?
  • The technical vehicles, where they will park?
  • Do they need extra power for lighting? Will they use a generator or they will use the house power?
  • Will there be changes in the property?
  • Where will the crew eat?
  • Which is the best option for the crew getting in and out?
  • When the location will be like the starting point again? The team have to take pictures of the spaces so that later they can return everything to its place.

About the contract

  • In the contract, you can add all the clauses that you want, but this will add time to the negotiation.
  • The agreement allows the production to come back if necessary on dates mutually agreed.
  • Please notify the producers all the restrictions at the initial meeting.


  • The producers must have insurance to cover any damage that is done on your property during the shoot, ask them to show it to you.
  • You’ll have X working days (depends on the contract, normally 5) from the last day of filming to be sure that there is no damage in your property,  if there is, you’ll have to write a "Damage report". After this period the producer shall not be liable.

About the price

  • It is your property, so you can bargain the price that you want: to compensate you for the time that you have to spend and the discomfort that the shooting may cause you. Even so, we usually recommend 3 types of remuneration, depending on the production:
    • Students and shortfilms: the cheapest fee, you can even consider let them make it for free (applying for deposit before the shoot, just in case there is any damage).
    • TV series and feature films: mid price.
    • Advertising: the most expensive.
  • You can always apply for a deposit to be returned when finished shooting.
  • Abusive prices can dissuade productions of shoot in your location and this information can be spread among other professionals.


  • It’s always better to have just one interlocutor from the location and the production.
  • Be flexible and patient with producers, schedule changes and dates are common in the activity of the shooting.


Finally, we would like to know if  you host a shooting, just to count the frequency of use of this directory, because we have no way of knowing whether you receive shootings or not.

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