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Hi! We are Nofictionart, a team of filmmakers and 3D visual effects artis who work in the field of video post production and computer graphics. Our work is aimed at small and medium productions and digital artists we support them in the production of music videos, short films, commercials, documentaries and News. We can also take care of the entire workflow: from concept, to creative design and production, from post-production to
We offer different services: concept planning, pre-production, on-set shooting, video editing, sound design, color correction
and color grading. 2D and 3D animations, video-compositing, 3D renders and motion graphics, we integrate real two-dimensional images in three-dimensional environments. We develop visual content for video mapping or digital signage.
We use innovative styles and techniques, suitable for best expressing the needs of our customers. Our strength is to offer an appropriate and technological innovation, essential to express creativity with elegance and contempory taste, to its best of possibilities and to the maximum of its emotional function Technical 2D Skills
GreenScreen, Chromakey, Lumakey, Rotoscope, Rotopaint, Digital Make Up, Preps Work, Concept Compositing, 3D Enviroment, 3D Volume Fog, Integration, Finishing, 3D Compositing
Color Correction, Color Grading, Editing video, Comforming Video
Technical 3D Skills: MatchMove: 3D Camera object ,Tracking, Planar tracking, Camera projection, Import camera Point cloud
Cloth, Crowd, Fluids, Smoke and fire, Particles, Seas and ponds, Clouds 3D Modeling: Architectural, 3D Primitive,Tunnel, GeoLayers, Texturing, Shading, Lightning CGI | CGT Digital Painting | Motion Design Concept Art, Digital Matte Painting, Motion Graphics Design
Phyton 2.7 Macro Tool Developer, User Controll, Script and Expression
Correu de Grupo Lavinia - nofictionart