El Gato Productions

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c/Toló, 8
Mataró - Maresme Film Commission
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+34 655 869 556

El Gato Productions is a multidisciplinary creative studio focused on audiovisual production, animation, photography, graphic design and illustration. 

AUDIOVISUAL. We are by your side in every step of your project: from idea development, scriptwriting, storyboarding to filming, editing and creating VFX and motion graphics. 

ANIMATION. Stop-motion or 3D, 2D animation or motion graphics: we take care of the development phase of the idea with sketches, moodboards, storyboards and animations to help you visualize before moving on to production. Once everything is clear, we produce your animated video and we also take care of the original music and sound design. 

PHOTOGRAPHY. We capture the essentials in each image, whether outdoors or indoors, on the street or in a studio, at a festival or in the theater. 

GRAPHIC DESIGN. We help you create your visual identity, building a brand that truly represents your values and ideas. We take care of your logo, website and everything you need for printed and digital products. 

ILLUSTRATION. Illustration helps us to create visually appealing images with digital or traditional techniques, for animation or for publishing products. 

We work with an international portfolio of clients and brands, partnering with our clients to help them translate their values ​​and ideas into brilliant visual content.