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The Kingdom is a space located in an old private mansion in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona available for rent. The rental price is adapted to each particular case, depending on the time and the service needs. The availability is very flexible. It can be rented for weeks,
for days and even for hours, for example, for a conference. The space is diaphanous, about 90 m2, with very high ceilings, which exceed five meters. They are old stables, the atmosphere of the space is exceptional, it has been reformed recovering the original state of the wood, picking up all the original doors, and leaving the old brick seen in the facade. The main space is 14 m x 4 m, which is about 56 m2 of floor space. In addition, it has an access patio and another behind, which can leave the smokers.
It has a small office equipped with a fridge, coffee machine and kettle. It has a bathroom and a separate shower. We have a video projector if necessary; tables and chairs for presentations or conferences. We also have furniture
according to needs. We rent space for all kinds of activities, always conditioned to the use that is going to be given. They can be presentations, conferences, rent for services to audiovisual producers,photography, castings, private dinners, exhibitions, events,