Montgat - Maresme Film Commission

Situated 14 kilometres north of Barcelona, Montgat is a coastal town with a short history (it was merely a district of Tiana until 1933). The town began to grow during the period of industrial development in Catalonia, when the important industrial area of Les Mallorquines sprang up. This expansion, along with the establishment of the Colònia Argentina estate and the fact that Montgat had its own parish church and cemetery and a cultural and civic life separate from Tiana, finally led to the constitution of the new Montgat local authority. The construction of the railway line from Barcelona to Mataró in 1848 and of the Maresme motorway in the second half of the 20th century profoundly altered the physical and human circumstances of the town, shaping a landscape of contrasts with superb settings for film shoots. Here, alongside beaches and old streets lined by low, white houses, is considerable industrial heritage. Moreover, the recently constructed network of municipal services and green zones provide a series of sites ideal as locations for audiovisual works of all kinds, as well as facilities to meet all additional production needs (casting, catering, rehearsals, etc.). Those seeking to film in the town are required to contact Montgat Local Authority Economic Promotion Department.

Filming request contact

Albert Roca / Txell Noè

Maresme Film Commission

+34 620 74 34 12 / +34 657 08 39 50